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Student Insurance

Is health insurance required?

Yes, all domestic students are required to provide proof of health insurance. Student athletes are required to carry health insurance that complies with NCAA rules.

International students are required to purchase the College's medical insurance plan. The premium for the year is charged to the fall invoice. Additional information at the International Center’s website

Wabash College is pleased to provide a student medical insurance plan underwritten by UnitedHealthcare for the 2022-2023 academic year. The plan is a UnitedHealthcare StudentResources Insurance Company plan underwritten by FirstRiskAdvisors and offers access to the UnitedHealthcare StudentResources’ national Preferred Provider Organizations. The premium for the year is $2046. The premium is charged to tuition invoice in full on the fall semester invoice. The plan document can be viewed here:

Insurance Plan Details

All domestic students attending full time are required to purchase this plan unless proof of comparable coverage is furnished by submitting a waiver.

Students will access the waiver at Students will click on "Waive Your School's Insurance", then click on "Waive Now", and be prompted to log in with their student identification number and date of birth. Your student identification number is located on your tuition invoice on Wabash Self-Service. Please be sure to use the leading zero. Student will receive a confirmation code in his Wabash email to proceed with the waiver.

The deadline to waive this plan for fall semester is September 1 5.
The deadline to waive this plan for spring semester is February 12, 2023.

If you have comparable health insurance coverage, your waiver should be submitted by the deadline to avoid being automatically enrolled.

Students are eligible to enroll in the plan if the student loses coverage through no fault of their own. Proof of loss of coverage must be provided within 30 days of loss to be eligible.

TeleDoc Information for Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance Meeting Presentation

Business Office Reminders

In the near future, our credit card processor may charge up to 2.9% for credit or debit card transactions. There are no fees for Electronic check transactions.

Payment of Fall tuition & fees invoice is due on August 1. 
Spring tuition and fees are due on December 31.

Parents and Students:  View your  TUITION INVOICE  online at:

1098T forms are available on Self-Service  - click the "tax information" tab.

1098T FAQs: Click here

International Students who have scholarships greater than Qualified tuition and fees will receive an IRS form 1042-S.  The forms are available in the Business Office after March 1.  Contact Cathy VanArsdall ( for more information.

2023 mileage reimbursement rate is 65.5¢ per mile.