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Health Insurance Information

Student Health Center and Athletic Training Room
Insurance Information and Procedures

All Wabash College students are asked to provide the Student Health Center with current address, emergency contact, insurance information, medical alerts, and health history information. To expedite this process Wabash College uses an online data entry system -

Prior to participating on an athletic team at Wabash College, athletes must provide the Athletic Department with current address, emergency contact, insurance information, medical alert, health history information, and other paperwork. All required athletic paper work will be provided in the forms tab. All forms are fillable PDFs that may be submitted on this website.

To enter your information, visit
All Freshmen and New Students Need
  1. Complete all information on Magnus Health
  2. Insurance Card (Front and Back) (upload)
  3. The Vaccination Record must be completed to Nurse Amidon on Magnus Health
Freshman and New Student NCAA ATHLETES
All forms are located on the Magnus Health website
  1. Acknowledgement of insurance (upload)
  2. HIPPA
  3. Sickle Cell Form - watch video and print paper from Magnus Health website
  4. Concussion Form (page 5 only) - watch video and print paper from Magnus Health website
  5. ADHD / ADD medication (if taking the medication only)
Returning Student NCAA Athletes
All forms are located on the Magnus Health website
  1. Complete all information on Magnus Health
  2. Insurance Card (Front and Back) (upload)
  3. Acknowledgement of insurance (upload)
  4. ADHD / ADD medication (if taking the medication only)

Insurance Coverage: 

Remember you need a Primary Medical Insurance that covers you OUT OF STATE and UP TO $90,000 and cover intercollegiate sports injuries.

The athletic accident insurance at Wabash College provides secondary coverage for you for injuries while participating in the practice or competition of intercollegiate sports. Your personal policy must be used as PRIMARY COVERAGE.  Wabash College is the secondary coverage with a deductible.  

If any changes are made to your primary coverage, the Wabash College Student Health Center must be notified immediately.  If at any time during the academic year you are no longer covered by your primary insurance policy at the minimum coverage level of $90,000 and out of state coverage, Wabash College will not be responsible for ANY financial obligations related to an athletic injury. 

The following information outlines the insurance procedures for injuries suffered while participating in varsity athletics at Wabash College. It is important that all athletes and their parents read and understand the coverage that is available.

Coverage for expenses resulting from injuries suffered while participating in intercollegiate athletics at Wabash College is provided through a combination of:

-the student’s personal insurance 
-the college’s athletic insurance policy
-the NCAA Catastrophic Insurance policy

1. Expenses incurred from an athletic injury must first be submitted to your personal or family insurance as primary. This policy must be compliant with the Affordable Care Act, and NOT exclude injuries acquired during intercollegiate activities. Your primary plan must also cover you to at least $90,000.00 and cover you state to state. Medicaid and most HMO's insurance plans do not do this. If you are out of network in our area, please attempt to change your son’s coverage area to Crawfordsville or the Indianapolis area. Some HMO plans can extend the provider network coverage in our area for full time college students.

It is extremely important to review your personal insurance in regards to coverage availability in the Crawfordsville and Indianapolis area. If your personal insurance does not provide an adequate network/provider coverage in the Crawfordsville area, we strongly encourage enrollment in another plan to avoid significant out of pocket expenses.

If you need help finding insurance please go to: /businessoffice/insurance, or call Mark Elizondo at 765-361-6235 for help.

2. Students participating in intercollegiate athletic activities are covered by an additional accident only policy for injuries incurred during OFFICIAL practice or competition. This policy provides benefits on an excess basis after other medical insurance benefits are exhausted and the deductible is satisfied. For such claims, the student's family insurance plan is primary and Wabash College’s plan would be secondary

The intercollegiate secondary policy covers only injuries incurred while participating in official team practices or contests. Injuries suffered during out of season activities, "captain's practices", training exercises etc., are the responsibility of the student athlete’s primary plan.

Submission of the claim is the responsibility of the student athlete. Claim forms are available from the Wabash College Athletic Training staff. Submission to our secondary insurance company will require the Explanation of Benefit (EOB's) from the primary insurance, as well as, itemized bills from the provider.


3. In the unlikely event that a claim exceeds $90,000, the NCAA catastrophic policy should cover the remainder of the initial medical expenses.

Please be certain that you return an CLEAR & ENLARGED copy of both the FRONT and BACK of your current insurance card to the athletic training room along with the other information requested. Student Athletes will not be permitted to participate in athletic related activity, including conditioning, etc., until all information is received and verified. Please contact the athletic training staff if you have any questions.

Thank you for your prompt help. If you have any questions, please contact the athletic office at 765-361-6235 for assistance.           

Mark Elizondo, Head Athletic Trainer
P.O. Box 352
Crawfordsville, IN 47933